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What to Expect

Many programs that claim to be therapeutic simply wave goodbye at the end of the session and wish you well, others offer a sort of "cheerleading" follow-up to touch-base, (more like a call from a camp-buddy than a therapeutic intervention).




Our clinical intern staff ARE the 24/7 camp counselors, the camp-buddies of the teens in our programs. They serve as the positive role-models for the campers, the shoulder to cry on, the listening ear always at-the-ready. They participate in much of the group and individual therapy sessions and work directly under the supervision of the Clinical Director .





Throughout your teen's camp experience, they will interact and build rapport with several of our camp staff, many of whom are PhD candidates and/or clinical interns. These are the staff with whom they will cook, play games and sing songs.
During our staff debrief (after camp) one of these counselors will be assigned to your camper for the 8-week after care.

Establishing After Care communication with all parties involved and/or concerned is vital to the continued success of your teen. We suggest parents, doctors, personal counselors and therapists be involved in any planning and goal-setting.

Typically, our after care is provided once a week during a time most convenientfor both parties, and it’s carried out via phone call.
The whole point of the weekly follow-up is to keep your teen on track by reconnecting them to the person and the time when they were successful.

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