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What to Expect

Does your teen get up at the same time every day, in time to get ready, make their bed, tidy their room, eat a healthy breakfast and make it to school on time? How are their personal hygiene habits these days? - Do they know how to meal-plan, shop intelligently, cook for themselves, load a dishwasher and do their own laundry? How about budgeting & business and earnings basics ... like spending the money they earn for themselves, rather than always using YOUR credit card?

Our Life Skills rotations cover all this and more while expressing the need to be self-regulating and self-sufficient as they mature in life, in a pro-active near-peer environment.



We as adults tend to have certain expectations of young people when they are a certain age. What is often overlooked is the environmental cause and effect situations these kids come from. We met many teens in this program who have never done a load of laundry or prepared a meal for themselves. Our first step is passive assessment to gain an understanding of the individual strengths and challenges of each camper.


Sounds a bit stressful, and it may be, but in a very productive way. By housing our campers in college dorms, they immediately step-up to the overall expectations of the group. Room responsibilities(which happen EVERY morning) are a team-effort, and nobody gets released into the morning program until the entire dorm is cleaned…not just one individual's area. Laundry time and shower scheduling are two more things that are handledwith a whole unit approach.


The most powerful part of the Life Skills program is continuity. We teach that life is often not "Plan A" and we deal with those issues as they arise. We do the same things every day, we breathe, the destress our anger moments, we use guided meditations and healthy examples of conflict resolution by owning our words, actions and emotions.
We cover things like Blame & Empathy and the need think before responding.

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