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What to Expect

Family involvement and consistency is a CRITICAL component for your child's success, so they will maintain their summer camp RESET.  We can "fix 'em" while they are with us, but if we send them back to the same situation they came from, without family understanding and supportive adjustments, it likely won't stick.


They need YOU to set the standard, participate in the "new plan" and truly be partners with them into the future.





The Workshop begins at 2pm. This is the time to observe and learn about your camper's journey during their time at camp. You will get to meet their friends and the camp staff, see how they have adapted to their living situation and dorm mates and learn about their routines and newly developed skills!
Group activities, dinner and an educational session completes the day's activities.
Parents then stay in their own dorm room, on campus,(subject to availability) and experience first-hand what their camper has been up to.

Beginning with breakfast, parents are included in the typical routine of the day, from room responsibilities, final laundry loads, an abbreviated culinary class, and a family therapy rotation.
After lunch, we all participate in group interactions and activities, along with additional educational sessions, before and after dinner.

Final day, we wrap-up!
We introduce many resources for continued success, including school and club activities with peer groups, and we discuss the Behavioral Contract.
Time is made availablefor any individual conversations that families may desire with the clinical staff and/or Clinical Director.

Can You See Me?

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