What to Expect

We have observed that the majority of campers arrive to the program GLUED to their phones.

Part of the RESET program is a complete detox from all screen-based electronic devices and the establishment of a set schedule, getting enough sleep, healthy eating habits and basically RESETTING your teen to a place of healthy and harmony. 



Upon arrival, every camper checks-in with the medical staff followed by the clinical staff. This is also when the receive their first room assignment, unpack all their belongings, a process that is supervised by the program staff. This is to ensure that they have brought everything they will need to camp and to confirm that no hidden "contraband" has come into the program.


Many campers get very upset without their device(s) and become verbally combative. That is to be expected and we have trained staff at-the-ready for any such situation.
Once the camper begins to participate in the structured routine of camp, they quickly acclimate to the schedule and begin to work with their dorm mates and the program staff to explore non-electronic options.


After a few days, most campers have started to sleep better and are eating healthier than before, and they’ve begun to develop new social relationships with their peers.
They have had the opportunity to express themselves in group and individual therapeutic environments and begin to open up about why they choose to spend time in a virtual world rather than the real one.