Michael Jacobus ~ Executive Director


Michael Jacobus is a life-long, career Camp Director and youth-development specialist. An internationally recognized author, child-development professional and outdoor education guru, Michael founded Reset Summer Camp after witnessing, (within his own family) the dangers and challenges of screen addicted youth.


Michael has assembled a team of unmatched professionals to help him coordinate this effort in the hopes of breaking the cycle of tech addiction and overuse and give our children real-world Life Skills and tools to build a solid, successful future for themselves.

As a parent one a one-time gaming addicted kid;


Shelly copy.png

Shelly Gutensohn, LMFT - Clinical Director

Shelly is a clinical therapist working with the California Department of Corrections and will helping be design the program materials for the Reset clinical intern staff.

Shelly worked at camp last summer and was a critical member of the therapeutic team. She coordinated group therapy staff and worked 1-on-1 with the bulk of our campers at the Santa Barbara location.

Working with the Clinical staff, Shelly will help develop the standard guidelines for all clinical interns for all Reset Summer Camp locations.


Dr. Simon Sambrano ~ Operations & Logistics

Dr. Simon Sambrano has worked with at-risk youth his entire life, first as a Medical Doctor and later as a Camp Director.

He created Iguanas Educación al Aire Libre to development Outdoor Education (extramural) in Venezuela and Latin America, through the implementation of innovative and inclusive programs.

His organization promotes the integral formation of the individual from its bio-psycho-social dimensions, through experiential learning.


Dr. Deborah Gilboa ~ Family Engagement

If you’ve ever seen Dr. G on TV, at an event or follow her on-line, you know how passionate she is about shifting our roles as parents, teachers and being a kid in today's world. It’s time for adults to step-back so kids can step-up!

Dr. G’s passion for mentoring kids with character makes her a popular family physician, media personality, author, speaker and social influencer.

A parent of four boys, she inspires adults and kids with actionable tools to develop life skills in children.

We invite you to explore the information, articles, videos and resources on the site. Enjoy!


Cate Connor ~ Program Director


Cate started with Reset Summer Camp in 2018 for their first year as Program Director and the following year was the Camp Director of the Santa Barbara Campus. She has worked with adolescents in various capacities from nannying, tutoring, and mentoring all over the world.


The past few years while away from Reset, Cate held a role as Household Manager for a family and moved with them from Santa Barbara to Hawaii. Cate is very excited for another round of camp, to aid and lead 2022’s group of teenagers to finding their best potential on this beautiful campus. 


Cam Adair ~


Cam Adair is a valuable advisor to Reset!

A Canadian-born speaker, YouTuber and pioneer on video game addiction. He’s the founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, with members in over 70 countries.


A talented hockey player, Cam’s life took a dramatic turn at the age of 13 when he began to suffer from intense bullying, leading Cam to drop out of high school. He never graduated and never went to college, spending the next year depressed, living in his parents basement playing video games up to 16 hours a day, until the age of 19 when he made a commitment to change.