It's not all fun & games ... No wait! ~ Yes it is!

If you're reading this web page it probably means that your parents are considering sending you to our camp program and you may not be all that excited about it. Don't worry, most of the kids who attend RESET are not super thrilled at first.

Just know that this is NOT  "Fix you cuz you're broken" camp ~ this is "Learn how to get what YOU want out of life" camp!

Scroll down and take a look at the cool activities we do then check out the video at the bottom of this page and see what some of our campers from this past summer thought about their time with us.

They all survived and you will too ... we promise!


You'll have fun ... we promise!

RESET isn't just chores, work & therapy. We have tons of camp fun as well. This past summer our campers went surfing, ocean kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, white-water rafting, played basketball, volleyball, soccer, went swimming, made art and played music.

Campers learned culinary skills, participated in a business development class, (think SHARK TANK) and some got to be mentors to younger teens, acting as Jr. Staff.


Our culinary program begins with kitchen basics and smart-shopping tips and advances into meal preparation, portion-control, healthy eating habits and the creation of the camper's "Signature Dish".

Campers get to try a variety of cooking methods and learn about the culture of each dish as well.

*Food Handling Certificates are also available in certain locations.


Campers express themselves in music and art at RESET. Guitars, ukuleles, keyboards and drums filled our camp with sound this summer. Painting, clay-molding, engineering projects and of course Tie-Dye are also camper favorites.


One of the benefits of hosting the RESET program on a college campus is our campers get to work and interact with the resident faculty to learn about a variety of possible career choices, from physics and biology to sustainability and solar energy.


From being accountable to themselves and their bunkmates, adhering to a set schedule, room responsibilities and laundry, campers learn-by-doing, all the skills necessary for a seamless transition into living independently.


Select returning campers who have successfully completed the Reset Summer Camp program, (and who have maintained their self-regulation skills),  may be invited back to act as mentors to new campers.

*By Invitation Only!


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