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Reset's Executive Director Michael Jacobus is a regular guest on Parenting related podcasts and news interviews. Here are some links to the most recent ones.

The Bomb Mom Podcast

Melissa and Michael talk all things gaming addiction, social media overuse. excessive music and video streaming and the damage that is happening from years past. How do these addictions impact your kids and family? What can you do to help them cure this problem? Listen and find out!  LINK

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18 Summers with Jim and Jamie

Is your child spending excessive time gaming, scrolling through social media, or watching online videos? Worry no more! Join us as Michael Jacobus discusses a digital detox program to help children thrive in today's digital world. Tune in to hear valuable insights on how you can assist your kids in regulating their screen time and fostering a healthier relationship with technology.  LINK

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Moms with Teens

What parent is not struggling to get their teen off their phones or to get them to stop gaming? Most teens struggle to switch from the online world back into the real world. This is why your teen gets angry with you when you tell them to get off the phone or have a fit when you take their phone at night.  LINK


Parents Navigating the Teen Years

Michael Jacobus has been working with teens for over 35 years as a summer camp director. In 2018 he founded Reset Summer Camp to address the needs of kids who found themselves escaping into digital media and gaming in order to avoid the real-world. His program will expand into Canada this summer and has launched an App for teens and their families to help keep them on track, year-round.  LINK


Where Parents Talk

This week on Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Michael Jacobus, Executive Director of Reset Summer Camp, a clinical program, supporting teens and young adults with technology or gaming addictions.  LINK


National Business Post

Reset Summer Camp takes kids from the isolated virtual world of gaming to the real world of friends, fun and life skills, where memories are made.  LINK


California Coast News

Video game addiction? Unique summer camp on South Coast offers up digital detox of teenagers  LINK


Save the Kids

Save the Kids podcast.  LINK

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