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I can fix your kid . . . sorta

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

The very first thing we tell newly arrived campers at Reset is this;

This is NOT "Fix you cuz you're broken" Camp,

This is "Learn how to get what you want in life" Camp.

Many of these kids stated that they were here against-their-will and all of them said they were fine, that they were not the ones with the problem and that it was their crazy parents who had the issue.

My favorite objection was from a 15 yr old boy who told anyone who would listen; There's been a mistake! I don't belong here! I'm not one of these gaming kids!" He neglected to mention the 16+ hrs a day he spends watching YouTube, Netflix and Porn.

Summer Camp is a magical, curative environment. I believe Camp Cures most of what the world does to mess us up. There are even studies of some kids with profound diseases who attended a residential summer camp program and saw the progression of their condition severely arrested during their stay. Camp does magical things.

So can I "cure" your kid of tech addiction in a camp environment? Yes indeed.

Will the problem return once they get back to their home environment? Ummmm.

We tell our campers that it's ok to play games and it's ok to use social-media, but in moderation and not at the cost of damaging the family relationships.

The families that have realized the best post-camp success are the ones who are all-in as a family unit. These are the families that come together to recognize the existence of the issue and how it can have a negative impact on everyone.

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