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My brother is addicted to gaming and it’s ruining our family. Need help asap

my brother (12 yo) has been playing games on the laptop for maybe four? years now. he plays games like overwatch and minecraft etc but he’s obsessed. i think he plays like 8 hours a day probably. everything revolves around gaming. he wakes up in the morning & plays. after eating a meal he plays.

he can’t stop. my parents & i tell him to stop multiple times and he just gets really angry & annoyed. he’s gotten violent & very loud before. most of the times, when we tell him to stop, he says “after this round” or something but he just loses track of time and continues. he doesn’t want to stop in the middle of a game.

when we ARE able to get him to stop, he just lies around his room like pile of useless shit. we convinced him to join band at school & bought him a very expensive saxophone but he does not practice often and doesn’t do well in band. he doesn’t read nor like to.

additionally, his grades are bad. especially his English. he dropped to an ELD (english learner development) class. he hates when we remind him to work harder. he screams and stuff.

this summer, our family went on a trip for two months so he wasn’t able to play on the computer. he shifted his focus on youtube & phone games instead. when we go out, he is pretty normal and ok.

before gaming, my brother was really sweet and innocent and kind. now he’s completely changed and it’s really hurting me & my family. what are some things i can do? i don’t think we can last much longer like this.

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