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Weekly Family Intervention Resource

Online Gaming Addiction

Excessive Streaming

Unhealthy Social-Media Use

Are you losing your family to excessive screen time?


Non-stop Online Gaming


Over Sexualized


Endless Streaming

Reset My Family is a community of parents that meets online weekly for expert and experiential support, covering many aspects of parenting (rules, maturity, relationships), with an emphasis on screen time, gaming, mental health and most importantly . . .


Never before has the challenge of parenting been greater, with the evolution of social-media, online gaming, peer-pressure and non-traditional family living situations.

Distractions are everywhere and time spent “as a family”, actually interacting with each other (not via electronic devices) is on a fast decline.

RMF provides resources, information and support to help parents and families stay connected.

Any of this sound like YOUR home?



Co-parenting issues




Adult Gamers


Reset My Family is . . .

a subscription-based intervention for families in crisis.

We offer real world, blunt, straight-talk and actionable solutions.

It's part podcast, part webinar and part LIVE contact with clinical professionals, parents and Reset Summer Camp staff who have been where you are right now.  No theories, no good intentions, no endless lists of web-based resources and suggestions for 'great books you should read' and no quasi-therapists* who claim to have a handle on your situation, who in fact have ZERO hands-on experience with this issue.

Disclaimer: While we certainly recognize, value and appreciate therapeutic and/or pharmaceutical intervention, when appropriate, all too often we see inflated statements from those claiming expertise they do not have, offering services they cannot provide and prescribing medications that lump everyone into a single,

(often wrong or incomplete) diagnosis.

Excessive dependance on technology, social-media, streaming and online gaming present a new and unique challenge in today's world and although there are comparisons to drug and alcohol addictions with regard to effective treatments, technology is in our lives every day and thus cannot be viewed as something that can simply be removed from the situation in order for the condition to be "cured".

Reset My Family is a year-round program provided by Reset Summer Camp.

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